STIC Super Torque Keihin Carburetors

Within the Internal Combustion Engine's [ICE]; there are continuously changing fluctuating engine dynamics within the intake; combustion, and exhaust tracts that have baffled the Combustion industry for over 200-years without resolve. The STIC Fuel system designer and inventor with + 60 years of experience in the racing industry, including NASCAR and NHRA and the recreation field; now presents the STIC [SSST] metering process. The STIC Solid State Technology addresses fluctuating engine dynamics and plays a definitive role in calibrating instant vaporization and escalating fuel delivery flow rates under all operating conditions. The inventor with + 60 years of experience in metering system design now presents the STIC metering process that has solved the problem of utilizing fluctuating engine dynamics that has baffled the industry for nearly 200-years

Increasing the effective combustion efficiency of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) beyond the traditional boundaries to a higher level continues to be the goal of engineers and scientists throughout the world. The current combustion efficiency of the Hydrocarbon [HC] Air/Oxygen [O2] fueled normally aspirated [atmospheric pressure] ICE engine ranges from 10% to 30%. Quantum Physics reveals that combustion mixture molecules must be reduced to their constituent atoms and to cause the fuel atoms to have a direct relationship with the oxidizer atoms before complete combustion is possible. Current technology does little to cause complete combustion; allowing minimal contact of the HC with the oxidizer; Oxygen [O/O2]; thus causing partial, incomplete collateral combustion. The World environmental agencies require that ICE manufacturers produce their new engines to meet progressively lower emission standards with quieter engines. For the first time in our history, I now present a new method to the public; that causes a higher degree of combustion efficiency. This process dramatically increases the fuel to oxidizer surface area and at the same time causes the fuel to have a more direct relationship with the oxidizer. The new system approach also addresses the unresolved mysteries of unpredictable engine dynamics within the ICE induction, combustion, and exhaust systems. This novel concept will transform our previous way of thinking, and it will revolutionize current methods of dealing with harmful emissions in a more effective environmentally friendly process to bring longevity to the valuable earth resources. This holistic approach has proven to produce excellent results and will transform and modernize existing engine combustion technology to an unheard-of level of efficiency.


This new STIC methodology will open doors to the use of earth's hydrocarbon and synthetic hydrogen/carbon fuels in a more effective method. The STIC concept represents a quantum leap forward for the manufacture as well as the consumer. The STIC improvements in superior vaporizing air/fuel/ mixtures and methods to address induction, combustion, and exhaust dynamics and methods of their control; follow the rules of Thermodynamics and Quantum physics to the letter. Induction, combustion; and exhaust systems in the Internal Combustion Engine must work in harmony. I now present you with the communication link; a new invention entitled the STIC processing concept; presenting a comprehensive knowledge of these pathways, understanding their relationship and how constantly changing engine dynamics affect each other. These are the keys to developing increased combustion efficiency.

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STIC Super Torque Carburetors
STIC Super Torque Keihin Carburetors
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Note: due to the intense power created by the use of the STIC Max racing metering block, and Max STIC tube; the engine should be in good working order to withstand the STIC's tremendous increase in horsepower, torque, and acceleration. Due to intense torque increase; it recommended that you consider using a high pressure gear box lubricant such as "Oil Extreme." For your gear box protection, a two-ounce bottle of Oil Extreme" will be included in each purchase of the STIC metering block that includes the STIC needle jet tube.

A new milder version of the STIC metering block and its related tamer STIC needle jet will be available for hot trail.

Legal Disclaimer: *The new STIC metering system insert is not made by Keihin; Keihin and Air Striker are registered trademarks of the Keihin Corporation. STIC is an individual US company that designs replacement metering systems and other products. STIC has their STIC® name emboldened on the STIC products. STIC has no relationship with the Keihin Corporation.

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